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    Unanswered: dynamic SQL Create Table

    The following dynamic SQL script works for creating a table on the fly but if I change the select @tmpTblNm = 'tmpABC' to select @tmpTblNm = '#tmpABC'
    it will not create the temp table. Can anyone help on creating a temp table dynamiclly?

    declare @tmpTblNm varchar(40),
    @str varchar(1000)

    select @tmpTblNm = 'tmpABC'
    select @str = ''

    -- Create a temp table to hold the current page of data
    -- Add an ID column to track the current row
    select @str = 'Create Table '+ @tmpTblNm +
    ' ( row_id int IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,
    customerID int,
    customerName varchar(40),
    address1 varchar(40),
    city varchar(25) )'

    exec (@str)

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    The problem is that it did exactly what you requested, just not what you wanted.

    A temporary table lasts for the duration of its creator. For a script, that is as long as you have the session open (until you close the session). For a stored procedure, the duration is as long as the procedure runs. For dynamic SQL, the duration is the dynamic execute.

    When you build a temp table dynamically, the table exists for as long as the statement runs. You can use a global (aka ##) table, but that brings its own problems to play. You can create a table within your script or procedure, but then it isn't very dynamic.


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