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    Unanswered: SELECT, SORT, and SUM Query

    Hello everyone,

    I Have a table with columns:
    - CustomerID
    - DateTransactionCompleted
    - AmountPaid

    Illustration data as follow

    INSERT INTO Cus_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'12-12-2004','18000.00')
    INSERT INTO Cus_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'12-15-2004','2000.00')
    INSERT INTO CUS_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'1-16-2005','15000.00')
    INSERT INTO CUS_TAB_DEV_2 VALUES(42,'2-2-2005','12000.00')

    What I want is a report that tells me the Total Sales per month Per Customer in the following manner:

    Customer ID Month/Year Total Per Month
    ----------- ----------- ----------------
    30 12-2004 20000.00
    30 1-2005 15000.00
    42 2-2005 12000.00

    This is a homework, and I have been trying to get it to work since this morning. Any help is appreciated.

    PS: If you do not feel you want/should help. Please don't call me names! I don't ask people to help me with my homework usually. But, I am running out of time on the assignment.

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    What did you tried earlier?
    You should make use of Sum, Group by
    Here is one of the possible solutions

    Declare @Cus_Tab_Dev_2 table(CustomerID int,DateTransactionCompleted datetime,AmountPaid float)
    INSERT INTO @Cus_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'12-12-2004','18000.00')
    INSERT INTO @Cus_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'12-15-2004','2000.00')
    INSERT INTO @CUS_Tab_Dev_2 VALUES(30,'1-16-2005','15000.00')
    INSERT INTO @CUS_TAB_DEV_2 VALUES(42,'2-2-2005','12000.00')
    Select CustomerID,cast(month(DateTransactionCompleted) as varchar)+'-'+cast(year(DateTransactionCompleted) as varchar),
    sum(AmountPaid) from @Cus_Tab_Dev_2 group by CustomerID,
    cast(month(DateTransactionCompleted) as varchar)+'-'+cast(year(DateTransactionCompleted) as varchar)

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    Thanks a million, worked beautifully.

    I also learned that GROUP BY means:: GROUP BY! Thanks again.

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    I have no problem helping with homework IF the poster shows that they have made an attempt to solve it themselves. But this person did not post any code that he had already tried.
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