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    Unanswered: Materialized View

    Hi all,

    Am currently trying to optimize my SQL.

    Here is what I have

    drop table table-1

    drop table table-2

    create a global temp table <table-1> (on commit preserve rows option)

    create a table <table-2> based on global temp table.

    This resultant table has got 100,00 rows.

    The above two steps happens on a daily basis (drop and re-creation)

    The data source for this is a remote DB

    So, I tried to create MV for this

    so, i created a MV for corresponding global temp table
    and a MV for table-2

    This takes more time than the original procedure.

    i tried to overcome it by doing this

    create the global temp table as in step -1
    then, MV for the resultant table.

    But this does not work as the global temp table is now empty,


    If i have some temp tables how can i create a MV based on this

    Please let me know the best possible way to achive this both is terms of optimized run as well as min. time.

    Hope Am clear.



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    What are you really trying to do?

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