I am having serious problem with my NTCSS system. I continue to get errors when trying to log in to my applications within NTCSS. The NTCSS logs on fine and also the user administration works fine. When i log onto either of these applications I get this is the error: "You are App Administrator and your logon has failed, are you attempting to create the initial user".

If I hit yes: this is what i get "failed to connect as SA administrator stored procedure sp_server_info not found, specify owner. objectname or use help to check"

If I hit no i get "database error code 10351, server user id 2 is not a valid user in NTCSSADM, Seed account failed"

Troubleshooting steps: I tried doing a manual restore of directory and files which was unsuccessful.

I went in to sybase utilities and into "administration utilities"..... and "view current errors" and the error I saw was: Error 926 Severity 14 State 1
it read: "database sybsystemprocs can not be opened. and earlier attempt at recovery marked it suspect. Check the SQL Server error log for information as to the cause."

A little further below it read "Please consult your error log. you may need to drop and recreate the sybsystemprocs database and re-reun the installmaster SQL Script if the error is unrecoverable".

I can't seem to figure out what is the Installmaster SQL script that this error is referring to? Could somebody help me out please?