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    Unanswered: Convert ACC97 to ACC 2000

    I have a problem covert MS office 97 database to MS Access 2000. When covert the errors indicated "access denied need admin MDB password". There's no way for me to get the MS access 97 admin password. Do you guys know any software that get the admin access 97 database passwords?


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    dont know if it will fix your issue, but Wayne's free utility has solved some pw problems for me.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Izy: thanks for promoting one of my products for me lol

    However, it sounds like you have workgroup security enabled on the database - the software izy pointed you too only decodes the global database password (if one is set).

    I don't know of any free utility to get the workgroup passwords - so you'll probably have to pay for one (do a google search).

    (Blatant self promotion...)
    If you're still having problems you can upload your file to our access repair service - one "side effect" is that the database is returned in a completely de-secured state. Access Database Repair
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