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    Unanswered: Oracle Server

    We currently use HP Netserver 2000 U3 with 2 CPUs Xeon based on PIII architecture.
    So its time for changing and would like to know if there's anyone were running Oracle in a Opteron 64 (AMD) Server and if its running with out any issues..

    There's the option of the server HP Proliant DL 385 (AMD Opteron) with CPU dual core/or single, or HP Proliant DL 380 with Xeon processor (Intel) with 2Mb L2 cache. Single processor.

    What do you think about these setups?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: It will run in Win2003 32Bit at first and then move to 64Bit later in the future.
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    I think running anything production on Windoz is suicidal.

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