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    Unanswered: Any experiences with Sybase on RedHat?

    We'd like to switch away from Sparc/Solaris servers to Opteron/Red Hat -- they seems a lot cheaper AND a lot faster.

    Our only concern is, is the platform solid enough? Have you had any problems running Sybase on Opteron/Red Hat servers (such as Sun's v40z)?

    Also, if you have tried Sybase on Opteron/Solaris instead of Linux -- I'm very interested too.

    All positive and/or negative experiences welcome. Thanks!
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    I'd just ask Sybase to provide a reference site instead. You can then talk to the technical people directly and discuss any concerns.

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    I have no experience on the Opteron platform, but plenty on "normal" x86 platforms using various RH versions.

    I haven't seen any particular problems as long as you use good disk subsystems (one site that I help has had problems in that respect, but I suspect that they tend to get cheap disks)


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