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    Arrow Unanswered: I NEED HELP IN MS.ACCESS & VB

    HI All
    I Really Need A Help
    I made a vb project and am using ADODC and my database on Ms. Access .then i set a password it.
    then i oped my project then whe i want to set the Adodc user name and password. it doesnt want to accept the db the password and how i can know what is the user name for the password i set in MS Access
    so i dont know what to do ?

    please if anyone have anything can help so please TELL ME22


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    Since access creates an admin user account (default) on db creation i gues the username will be "admin"?

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    Access provides you with a function [currentUser()] that gives the userid of the account currently signed on with Access. If you have not expclitly signed on to acceses then it will defautl to 'admin'

    if you want the true network account then use an API call to retrieve the network userid. In the past I've always used Dev Ashish' s API calls. Don't be tempted to use the environment variables for this purpose - they are too easily faked. Environ() has its uses fo retrieveing details of paths, coinfigurations etc but it is too easily spoofed.

    If you want ot use Access secutity workgroups then follow the FAQ's available on this - have a google for access work group security. There is a good paper on this on the microsoft site and MVP's sites

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