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    Connecting to a remote server's database (Due Diligence)


    I'm at a novice state related to databases. Our company is planning to make a site which by that a Query from our site is going to be submitted to a remote database on another server(s) in a remote location, and the result is gonna be poped back at us.

    Now currently we have no idea how the other Database we are dealing with is, we dont know the structure, either they use MySql, Oracle or etc...

    My task is to do Due Dilligence. they have told me to make a list of, the stuff we should take note, or be aware, before and after we have access to the remote database.

    Since i'm quite a beginner, I would like to have some feedback to help me out writing the Due Dilligence list.

    Thanx in advance

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    Three basic things you will need to know. First, how to connect to the remote database. Many allow an ODBC connection, but different software uses slightly different protocols and, of course, security measures. Second, although SQL is supposed to be "standard", each program has a slightly different dialect. So, as you run queries, you need to be aware of the particular dialect used by the software. For routine SELECT type statements, it may not make much difference. Third, you will, of course, need to know the specific structure of the databases you are accessing - the tables and fields.

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    thanx for the reply..

    as you said ODBC is a solution..

    you mentioned "you need to be aware of the particular dialect used by the software", but doesnt ODBC take care of that??

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