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    Question Database project - confusing!

    For my a-level ICT project we have to design a database system, i planned to do a system for y6 (primary) teachers to level work and send off to secondary schools. I have chosen to do 4 subjects - maths, english, science and ICT and have found the marking requirements for these. The confusing part is the design of the database. I am not sure how to relate all the different tables and create a marking system. For example is it possible to do a form that will be able to browse through pupils and subjects seperately and then for each subject have a series of checklists?

    Any ideas or suggests would be appreciated!


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    -mind you it depends on what software you are planning on generating the form in.

    It is possible to generate a display which contains pupils and then a means of showing waht subjects they are (and or not) studying.

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