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    Unanswered: Inserting only time

    I have a field in database which is defined of type date, i need it to hold only the time part with no date. Can the same be done. If so how ?

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    >Can the same be done.
    >If so how ?
    By not specifying the date portion of the format mask in TO_DATE.
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    DATE columns contain both date and time portions. You could do one of two things:

    a) store date and time and, when displaying the value, format it to show only time portion (just like Anacedent told you to)

    b) create field of a CHARACTER type and store time into it. Personally, I'd never (OK, in really, really rare ocasions) use CHARACTER datatype to do so. Trouble is waiting just around the corner - fetching data from such a column and applying an ORDER BY clause will cause you nothing but problems, as CHAR and DATE are not sorted the same way. Not to mention arithmetic operations etc. etc. My suggestion would be to use the a) approach.

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    I Can't imagine why you would only want the time portion, however if you do store it in a date field use the SAME date, but different times, this will allow you to sort by the time. For example, something like.

    my_time = to_date('12314712'||TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'hh24miss'),'MMDDYYYYHHMISS');
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