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    Unanswered: Oracle 8i <-> Active Directory problem

    Hallo all Oracle Experts,

    I have the following problem.
    Last week our company has migrated from NT 4 domain to Active directory domain.
    After rebooting the Oracle 8i server from the beginning I couldn’t connect to the database through DBA Studio. After a lot of trial and receiving errors I have found that the problem is in the Listener. Now I don’t have problem with connection to the database. I returned the computer in the old domain than putted it in a workgroup. The result is the same.
    Now the server is in workgroup and it is alone in that workgroup. I have tried some different settings: host (server) to be present as name, then as IP address, with full distinguished name from AD domain, etc.
    After rebooting me sometimes success to connect to the database one, two or three times and after that I have received the error “ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist”.
    In tnsnames.ora file on my workstation there is IP address for this server, not the name.
    In my opinion there is something twine with the Listener, but up to now I cannot reveal it.
    Curious thing is that is my production system. I have another computer which is my testing system. But I don’t have problem with testing system. After migrating all was OK with it as it is OK now too.
    The both are on Win2000 Professional with SP 4.
    Oracle is 8i Personal Edition.

    Any kind of advices is welcome.
    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,
    Detelin Nedev

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    never knew the personal ed and listener harmonized ...

    here are some clues:

    what if you change names in your tnsnames.ora
    check entries in your sqlnet.ora and listener.ora file entries

    start with tnsping <sid> from your client ... what errors are thrown?

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