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    Question Unanswered: Help with "start job" error

    good morning everyone,
    I have created some scheduled jobs which basically are transfer data from Oracle DB to SQL server through DTS package. I created DTS pacakages and right click to schedule the job for daily run.
    I was able to execute DTS package to transfer data w/o problems at all. However it seemed scheduled job could not run automatically nor I kick off the job manually.
    I have attached the error message below. It seemed I need some components be installed. Would someone take a look and let me know what is it, name of the components, probably cost information? Thank you very much for the help in advance.
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    When you manually execute a DTS job, it runs under your login and with the resources of your local machine. When the scheduled job is run by the SQLServer Agent, it runs under the permissions of the login property that was specified in the Administrative Services tab with the physical resources (disk drives, folder mappings, etc.) of the SQL Server that the agent resides on.

    The attached error looks like the Oracle components are missing from the SQL Server. Once you have those installed, you might want to also verify that the login used by SQL Server Agent has permisisons on the Oracle server.

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    check to make sure your Sqlagent startup acct has proper permission. If the job is invoked by non-admin, agent proxy acct will be used. Take a look at the following to set the proxy acct.

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