I work for a distribution company and we are looking to develop an ecommerce division. We are looking to open multiple gateways (Ebay and different websites) and each of which must have seamless, real-time integration with our inventory management software (Mas90/200 by Sage Software.) Sage offers ecommerce solutions; however, we have had some difficulties with their customer service and therefore we do not want to be completely reliant upon them. The website will have many interactive features and a very large (10000+) inventory. My questions are as follows:

1) How difficult will it be to integrate Mas90/200 into the ecommerce division? We are currently thinking of establishing it as a client, which would allow us to move away from Mas90/200 if needed.
2) Suggestions for possible development of the site? (Netsuite, etc. or a smaller company?)

Obviously, we want to keep start up costs to a minimum; therefore, we are looking to add employees only on an “as needed” basis. We do not want to high a full-time developer till it becomes necessary. Thank you for your time.

Casey O’Shea
Project Manager