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    Unanswered: Quick Question... How to use Default Values (after allowing NULL)


    I have a BIT column which accepts NULL values.

    What would be a good method to allow an INSERT (or UPDATE) statement to insert NULL into this column but then automatically change the NULL to 0 (zero). In other words, test for NULLs after INSERT (or UPDATE) and change the value to 0 (zero).

    Not exactly sure how to do this with a Trigger. Also, what is that [Formula] option used for (column properties in the Table Design view)... and would this apply with my problem?


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    Look up CREATE TRIGGER in Books Online, and pay special attention to the INSERTED and DELETED virtual table concepts. Then within your trigger:

    update YourTable
    set YourValue = 0
    from YourTable
    inner join INSERTED on YourTable.PKEY = INSERTED.PKEY
    where YourValue is null

    But really, you should be doing your inserts through a stored procedure which uses ISNULL([NewValue], 0)
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    Thx for the quick response.

    I'll give it a shot.

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