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    Unanswered: ORACLE RAC 10g and ASM

    Is it mandatory to use ASM with ORACLE RAC or do I have the option to go with straight file system or Oracle managed files? We just want to able to create Oracle datafiles directly on a RAID array

    The Oracle documentation seems to suggest to use ASM but I am not sure if that's mandatory.


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    I don't think you're required to use ASM, but Oracle really seems to be pushing for it. We're in the midst of trying to figure this out ourselves, and the physical DBA assigned to making these decisions describes the ease of installing RAC using ASM, and the extreme difficulty otherwise. The Oracle rep suggests that we avoid our SAN altogether and use ASM to stripe and mirror onto 2 separate NAS installations. Phew, but definitely cheaper!

    I'm suspicious that Oracle can provide for a high performance solution in this area, as the hardware in our SAN is already optimized for this functionality. Everything we've seen on paper indicates there's really no performance degredation, though.

    Like I said, I'm the skeptical one. I see this as Oracle's attempt to "round-out" their product by incorporating the Operating System world. There have been rumours of Oracle reaching it's legacy phase now that MySQL and it's competitors are coming of age. I think that ASM is one way that they're trying to keep their product moving in a new direction. Just my opinion though.


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    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    A minor point but a normal file system wont work properly in a clustered system, has to be either RAW or a cluster aware fs.


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