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    Question Unanswered: How can I install SS2K with domain account?

    Hi all,
    I have seen in documents that I can install SS2K on a machine without network domain connection using a domain account.It said that domain accounts are prefered according to some reasons and it is not limited to machines on a domain so you should do it on a single PC.
    I tried this during installation and entered many different things but no chance:
    Would you please telling me what should I enter as service starter account if I want to use domain users?
    -Thanks in advance

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    In order to "use domain users" and thus windows-based authentication for domain accounts you need to make sure that the server where you install SS2K is part of the domain (same or belongs to the trusted domain both ways, or belongs to a sub-domain). You also need to have a domain account that has admin permissions on the server. That's the account you'll run the service under. If you use services applet to make an account assignment, make sure to go to local security afterwards and add this account to "Lock pages in memory".
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