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    Question Unanswered: Differences between 6.5 and 2000 inserts

    Hi Guru's,

    I am kind of baffeled. I have a table with a column of 8 varchar in 2000
    and the same in 6.5. When I insert into 2000 with a data length of more than 8 chars via Cold Fusion into the table, it fails. The same Cold Fusion
    program inserts into the 6.5 table, but truncates the data but does not fail.
    Does anyone know why this happens. Thanks, Newbie.

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    This is the expected behavior. sql65 should have enforced this but it didn't. If you design your data to be a certain length then the expected data should be within that limit.

    Btw,this is really a good way to *encourage* developers to design the db right. Why would you want to declare a column of 8 char but expect data longer than 8.

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