Hello. I have a DAP that I use to search for invoices. Right now, I have to copy the invoice numbers from the FORM and paste it in the DAP and then press the search button.

I was wondering if there is a way that I can hyperlink the value from the form to the DAP so that when I click on the invoice number in the form, it transfers that value to the DAP and then runs the search.

The problem is that there are no direct links to those invoices. I can't bypass the DAP and try to directly hyperlink. So this won't work:

Once you know how to construct the url you can add a command button to the detail section of your form and then put code like this in its On Click event:


Private Sub YourCmdButtonName_Click()Dim UrlName As String'Here we need code to construct the url, something like'UrlName = "http://" & "Blah Blah" & Cstr([IdFieldName])& "Blah "Application.FollowHyperlink UrlNameEnd Sub

The only way to make it work is if the inovice number is entered in the field in DAP and then I run the search. So is there a way to insert a hyperlink in the form that will export the invoice number to the 'InvoiceNo' field in the DAP?