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    Unanswered: SQLExecutive fails to start

    Hi guys, 1st post hope you can help,

    we have a cluster running SQL 6.5, for the last couple of days the SQL Executive fails to start, the event log contains Events 7009 followed by Event 7000 which is "The service did not repond to the start or control request in a timely fashion"

    When i tru to start it through Cluster ADministrator, i get an online pending message then failed.

    The SQL log contains no entries but the Cluster log mentions "Resutilsstartresourceservice failed" Status 41d"

    Ive looked long and hard but cant find anything, has anyone come accross this ? has anyone any ideas ? please help if you can

    thanx in advance.

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    wow. still 6.5?

    Quote Originally Posted by courtesy of MS support
    To troubleshoot,

    1) Take SQL Server offline
    2) Move SQL group to the second node.
    3) Bring the Disk, IP, and Name online.
    4) From a command window, start SQL Server using the -C parameter.

    This will start SQL Server as an application, outside the cluster admin
    control. Note any errors or warning starting SQL Server. Check the SQL
    errorlog for status while starting. You sould also be able to connect
    using Query Analyzer while SQL Server is started with -C.

    Chris Skorlinski
    Microsoft SQL Server Support
    Please reply directly to the thread with any updates.

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