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    Unanswered: Don't know how to stop the duplication

    Hi, Iím still quite new to Crystal, and canít quite get my head around this oneÖ..

    Iíve attached a sample report to help demonstrate the problem.

    I have three tables using the following fields:

    Customers Tbl: DOB, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City + Postcode.

    Folder Items Tbl: Voucher No, Tvl Date, Code, Client Name, Client Paid, Redeem Date.

    Credit Card Tbl: Card Type, Card No.

    Iím trying to establish how many vouchers this client has ordered. On the example shown heís actually ordered 3 vouchers, but because he has two different credit cards listed in his profile, each item is duplicated, so it looks like heís made 6 orders.

    If the card type equals DC, then we need to show what the card number is. If itís any other card type, then we just show the two letter card code, and no other info. Which works fine when thereís only one card in the profile.

    I need to somehow say ďif there are two cards present only show the first one, and always select card type DC if there are two or more different typesĒ

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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