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    Unanswered: Using Recordsets to find records


    I need some help here. (I have attached a word documument as an example)

    Im trying to match 2 recordsets where the stock codes match against each other.
    Table 1 is quantity stock a customer has order. Table 2 is how much quantity of each stock the company holds. A Stock (StockCode) can be kept in different locations. I have highlighted an example in red where a customer has ordered DGL8470 - 320 pieces. From table 2 the stock is kept in 2 locations, IP71 (315 pieces) and IP72 (30 pieces).

    What I want the code to do is to select the 315 pieces from 1P71 and 5 pieces from 1P72 (as there is no stock left in 1P71). Once this has been selected I want the information to be updated into tblTempPicking. (Table 3 Examples). I need this to be done on all the records in tblStockRequired)

    Thanks for your help in advance
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    If that's the entire schema for tracking your inventory, you're in for some problems...

    That said, if by "selecting" you mean "reduce the quantity" it's a matter of running two update statements.

    You may want to consider deriving your current quantites by comparing invoices to pick transactions, just a thought.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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