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    Unanswered: Specified sizing for a Pivot Table.

    Anyone know if it is possible to specify a size to a pivot table? I am trying to limit the actual length of my PT after pulling data from my SQL DB. It is currently about 300 rows and about 3 columns. I am trying to make it only about 25 rows and add a scroll bar actually INSIDE the pivot table to view the rest of the data?

    I have searched long and hard with no luck. I am thinking it would have to be done in VB or in a completely different application.

    Thanks for any insite!

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    Is it possible to group them in some way? PivotTables allow that option, then you could hide/unhide each group.
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    not exactly what I mean. I understand Pivot Table theory and how to add/hide table colums and data, but what I am looking to do is limit the actual physical size of the table. Then add a scroll bar on the side to pan down and see the rest of the data. I appreciate the input though!

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