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    Question Unanswered: type mismatched current connection


    i want to exectue a updatequery when pressing a button.
    I know prettymuch the code (I read it in a book), but i keep getting stuck.

    i make a dimm cnn as connection
    then i say:

    cnn = currentproject.connection
    cnn.Execute "Update Company.CompanyVisible FROM Company Where (([Company].[CompanyCode]) like [Forms]![CompanyView]![CompanyView]) SET Company.CompanyVisible = Yes; "

    But i get the error type mismatched with cnn = currentproject.connection. i dont know what ive done wrong since i got it out of a book. Help is very much appriciated.


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    You do not need to create a local ADO connection variable to use the intrinsic ADO connection within Access ...

    Dim SQLString as string

    SQLString="UPDATE Company SET Company.CompanyVisible = Yes WHERE (([Company].[CompanyCode]) like " & [Forms]![CompanyView]![CompanyView] & "); "

    Currentproject.connection.execute SQLString,,AdCmdText

    And BTW, your SQL is all screwed up ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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