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    Unanswered: File upload in access

    Hi folks

    Just need to know if its possible to upload files to an access database / folder with a reference link stored in the date.

    I cant use ASP to do this as it has to be pure access.

    We will also want to download file when in the appropiate recordset.

    Any help appreciated.


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    It can be done. I have used imports from a text file, using CSV format, importing into Access using an import query

    you can automate it using a script created in DOS running in the windows scheduler calling Access and the autoexec macro. It may be appropriate to run the access import function as a separate MDB.

    If your file reference is embedded then you may need todo it as a VB function as it may be difficult to run the query with a parameter. Alternatively you could always use a vb function to append a query to the quesries collection in the revised format.

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