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    Unanswered: Restore with ROLL FORWARD to a new DB

    I need to restore a DB2 UDB Database to a different server on a new database (same name as the original one). I've tried copying all the logs and the backup to the correspondind directories in the new server. I've also copyed SQLLOGCTL file but it doesn't work. Restore is successful but the DB remains in ROLL FORWARD PENDING status.

    Any suggestion?

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    Please specify DB2 version and OS.

    Are you issuing the ROLLFORWARD command?

    You should also be able to take an offline backup and
    restore that and no rollforward needed.


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    DB2 V8.

    We know how to do it with an offline copy, but our DB2 subsystem is 24x7. We can't disconnect every application to run an offline copy... We do need to restore an online copy and roll forward up to a specific point in time...

    Thanks anyway..

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    rollforward - examples.

    db2 "restore db test taken at <backup time stamp - example 20041204190658> with 2 buffers buffer 2048 without prompting"

    #After restoring u can always look for minimum point in time recovery using the below query - means you can only rollforward later than the given time.

    db2 rollforward db test query status

    db2 "rollforward db test to <the time stamp you want to rollforward - example 2004-12-11-> and complete

    NOTE: You should always have your archived logs to rollforward and userexit program running.

    In v8.2 onwards the backup will also have the logfile to rollforward. To have more idean on this read online IBM doc -

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