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    Unanswered: Lottery Program

    Hello- I am a Part-Time Intermediate Access Developer looking for suggestions with the following problem I am having.

    I am trying to develop an Access DB that will be used for playing a Sports Lottery. The Lottery Game requires you to pick the correct outcome of all games in on a Card (12/13 or 14 games) and the ticket containing the most correct games wins (this is most often %100).
    When completing the ticket you are given the choice of a game number (1) and whether you selecting the Home Team (H) or the Visiting Team (V) so each selection has 2 possible choices
    Game number Home Visitor
    1 Check Box Check Box
    2 Check Box Check Box
    3 Check Box Check Box
    4 Check Box Check Box
    5 Check Box Check Box
    The problem I am having is I am trying to create a query that will take my 12 selections and compute all the combinations possible assuming I will get 2 games wrong. This is based on a 10 of 12 permutations consisting of 66 tickets with the remaining 2 games actually selecting the opposite of what I picked.
    My Selections

    First ticket would be

    Also I am not sure whether to use
    Check Box
    Option box
    List/ Combo Box

    Any suggestions regarding this would be appreciated.
    Paul Sullivan

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    Sounds like an interesting problem, but I am not sure what you are asking for. If you had a query that gave you all of the combinations with 10 correct answers, what do you then plan to do with it?

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    they will be the tickets purchased

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