i have a form that pulls data from 2 different tables linked by a column called MoveID.
Table 1 = UserInfo
Table 2 = MoveInfo

When I search by the last name of the user, it populates the related data from userinfo. all fields are locked, no edits will be done on table1. Sop when I find the user and start to enter the information , it creates a new record in table2. That is fine.

Now on creating a new record i have to search if an old one exists. If so, i prompt the user to either go to that record or create a new record.
i had trouble getting that old record up so I did a sql query for just table 2 and populated each related control. Now it's time to update the record, I do an Update with all controls and fields for Table2.

But that routine is in the same routine as the Normal Save button which is used for new records( DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70)

i did a "if me.newrecord then" but it detects the update as new record.

I know i am babbling - its just frustrating.

Is there a way to pull up my 1 record as if it was part of the original query. the form was based on an access query. (yes i have the unique value)

please let me know if u need more information. My brain is fried as is.