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    Unanswered: help!a tablespace crashed!

    i got a tablespace crashed this morning,
    i restart db DROP PENDING TABLESPACES xxx,
    then i can connect to the database.

    this tablespace is quite no use.

    i want to drop this tablespace,but when i try to drop it , it says there`s a table in it, i have to drop the table first.

    this table has a blob column and blob data is in this drop pending tablespace, and other data are in an other tablespace.

    when i try to drop this table,it says i can not drop this table becase the DROP PENDING TABLESPACE can not access.

    what can i do?


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    use the LOAD QUERY command to determine your table state.

    In case of check pending (drop pending is only for table spaces)
    the use the set integrity command with the access force option.

    For any LOAD PENDING or whatever states with LOAD use LOAD TERMINATE.
    It can get into check pending afterwards.

    Then you should be able to drop the table and afterwards hopefully the tablespace.

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    i`ve drop the db and created a new one.

    i`ll do a experiment tonight.


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