How to disable open option when I right click on the excel desktop.

By using the following code, I have successfully achieved the disabling of open option from Menu bar and Toolbar.

Now I need to disable the same in the Excel desktop’s right Click.

Set mFileMenu = CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=30002) ' File Menu

If mFileMenu Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

For Each mOpenMenu In mFileMenu.Controls

If mOpenMenu.ID = 23 Then mOpenMenu.Enabled = False

Next mOpenMenu

Set mOpenMenu = Nothing

Set mFileMenu = Nothing

Set mOpenMenuToolBar = CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=23) ' Tool Bar

If mOpenMenuToolBar Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

mOpenMenuToolBar.Enabled = False

Set mOpenMenuToolBar = Nothing

We cannot lock the excel file completely, as we need some options like Print, Save As etc.

Thanks in advance