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    Unanswered: Format error message when opening xls file

    Version 2002

    I'm getting this error when opening a file and never seen before. Anyone have any advice regarding how to fix this?

    "Excel encountered an error and had to remove some formatting to avoid corrupting the workbook. Please re-check your formatting carefully."

    Not very helpful!

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    In earlier versions the "Too Many Formatts" Error had been a big problem, at least with some of our spreadsheets. Often this preceeded a totally corrupted workbook. This was so bad I had a procedure to go through a workbook and transfer all the data values only to a new workbook and delete the original to avoid it. I don't think the problem was from too many formats just a bug in the application. That was in Excel 5/7. Guess I'm giving away my age

    I hope your problem is not that bad. If you are seeing this error, you should keep an up-to-date backup just incase. If you can not find the cause of problem, re-creating the workbook by copying then 'pasting values' to a new fresh workbook should eliminate it as a final resort.


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