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    Unanswered: value in the dropdown list

    I have a drop down list, there are four choice, pending, approved, denied, cancel. But now the user want to change pending to "pending/renew", but i still want to store the value as pending. How can i do this. Thanks

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    That is one reason why I am a fan of look up tables. What I would do is create a table called tblReason (or whatever is appropriate for the name). With the following schema:

    ReasonID Reason
    1 Pending
    2 Approved

    The ReasonID is set to an Autonumber field and when I store the value that the user selected I store the ReasonID and not the Reason. That way the Reason can change several times and it won't effect the data.

    For your combo box you will need to make it have two columns with the width of the first column (ReasonID) 0". That way the user just sees the Reason and not the ReasonID.

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