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    Red face Unanswered: set select + variable

    Hi ,is it possible use some statement .

    Declare @sqlCommand varchar(255) , @param int
    set select @param= param from Table where pilot= 1 .... It isn'problem

    BUt when I want use some parameter with statement, I don't know correct syntax

    Sample :

    Set Select @param= param From Table Where pilot= + @param ( @param is variable in procedure)

    Iknow statement is wrong, but is it possible make any...

    I need to write statement
    Thanks, Lubo

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    you can do this:

    declare @para sysname -- or whatever
    ,@inpilot int

    exec sp_executesql N'select @para=param from tb where pilot=@pilot', N'@pilot int, @para sysname out', @inpilot, @para out


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