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    Unanswered: How to write a few process in one query?

    I want to make one query which can do 2 processes?

    I have a table: Input - it store all records.
    1) Retrieve Invoices
    eg. the user enter the date value, then retrieve a part of the invoices of the input table(eg. August invoices)

    Select [Vendor Name],[Vendor Code],[Date Received],[Invoice #]

    Another table: Vendor Table
    2) I use the Vendor table to check whether or not the Vendor Name is NOT on the (1) Retrieve Invoices.

    Select [Vendor Name],[Vendor Code], [Amt],[Remain]

    Finally result:
    I just want to output [Vendor Name],[Date Received],[Amt],[Remain]

    From above 2 processes, how can I combine them into 1 query?
    Because I did separate queries, I don't want to use many query.
    Please let me know about it.
    Thanks a lot. Thanks.

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    do a left join, and select if null

    this will tell you if any rows int hte 'other' query return null values

    have a look at the query wizard for 'find unmatched' it will give you a skeleton which you can adapt to your requirements

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