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    Unanswered: ODBC Legacy Problem

    I have a 10 year old system that uses Paradox to maintain quite a complex bibliography. It does what I want and I no longer have the physical ability to sit at a computer and redevelop the system.

    However, I would like to write data to the various tables from using ODBC in (of all things) APL. If I have instructions for this in Visual Basic or MS C++, I can do the conversions.

    However, I can't write data because the Microsoft driver is read-only.


    1) is there another free or low-cost driver that I can use to replace the MS one?

    2) I have the BDE on my system. How would I set up this to write data through (say) Visual Basic or Microsoft C++? That is how do these programs recognise the BDE?



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    The best way to integrate PDOX tables with ODBC is, in my opinion, by using Delphi. Any not to recent version of delphi has both great ODBC connectivity AND bde support to read/write Pdox tables.

    Merant systems produced a Pdox ODBC driver, but it was costly. By the way, i think that if you install the BDE on a PC, it will also install Borland ODBC drivers for Pdox tables, which use the bde to access pdox tables and do function well in read write fashion.
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