For a fairly large property-maintenance system (over 500K lines of ObjectPal code), in Pdox5, the ezSearch tool (part of the Woll2Woll ezDoc add-in for Paradox) was invaluable for identifiy ALL references to specific fields or tables when external factors required a change. Even with ezDoc, the combined number of forms and libraries exceeded the maximum that ezDoc could handle with one pass (256, I think).

There is apparently no 32-bit version of ezDoc designed to run under WinXP. As best I can tell from the Pdox 11 help, Paradox doesn’t provide any way to facilitate searching multiple libraries to identify all occurrences of a specified string. Does anybody know of any 3rd-party tools for doing such searches?

(If worse comes to worse, I've already got a subsystem that scans all form and library code to ensure integrity of the user-menu system (i.e that menus don't have any references to non-existent forms or methods, and that library for each method correctly corresponds with its menu entry). I guess I could add a capability to search the code details while I'm up, but the conversion task is already so big that I'm getting a headache every time I think about it.

I hope somebody can point out some easy, obvious solution that I'm missing.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.