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    Unanswered: Message() Method Output area

    In Pdox5, there was a fairly large area exclusively available to application programs to display interim status messages while length programs were running. In Pdox11, the area where message() method output is displayed is not only so small that it's hard to provide full info to the user on "work in progress" but it's on a tool bar at the bottom, that appears to be shared with Pdox itself. For some programs, that results in messages interrupting each other so fast that NOTHING is legible and all the user gets out of it is a headache.

    Can anyone point me to parameters that I could set to provide the application program with an area for messages where they will be visible long enough for the user to read 'em and the space for the message will be large enough to say something useful?

    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.


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    You should use the status method of the form to intercept status messages coming from pdox and passing those from your app; but if really you need something that looks like a "log" of events happening, you should create a separate form for that, set up as a non modal dialog form in which showing messages.
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