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    Unanswered: MySQL table design question

    I'm designing a workflow dbase tool and need to add a status column to the table. Question is how would I populate it with about 10 different static status types as well as timestamp and keep a history of the timestamp? I'm building a workflow tool to track steps in project mgmt process. I'm tracking off of order numbers and users and will track from start till completion of the job and keep a history of time in each status and total time overall. I'll figure out the frontend after I get the backend right.
    Thanks for any help as it's greatly appreciated, just jumping into the database world finally after avoiding it for the last 7 years in MIS.

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    create a separate table with three columns
    1) an id column that relates back to your main table
    2) a status column that you enter one of the 10 or so statuses
    3) a timestamp column

    now every time you make a change to your main table add a row with these three values to your status table. you can refer back to any state and any date/time in relation to an id from your main table.

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