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    Question Unanswered: Subforms and Syntax

    I am trying to use a search form and search a form that contains a subform. Some of the searchable field are on the form and some on the subform. The code for the for works fine, but when I try to add code to search the subform it tells me that the form doesn't exist!

    Here's what I have in the search form for a subform field:
    If Len(Forms!frmfilterforrecord!Field1_RegID & vbNullString) Then
    Forms!frmMyMain_Form.sfrmMySubform.Form.Filter = "[Reg ID] = " & Chr$(34) & _ Forms!frmfilterforrecord!Field1_RegID & Chr$(34)
    End If
    What am I doing wrong!!


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    The Forms collection stores a reference to all the open forms. Subforms are not considered forms, they are considered controls. I think you will want something like:

    Me.sfrmMySubform.Form.Filter = "[Reg ID] = " ...

    This assumes the code is in the form module. Otherwise the Me reference won't work.

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    Thanks! I think that's what I was doing wrong. So I need to reference the subform, not by form name, but by the "object" name it has in the main form.

    Thanks Again!!

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