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    Unanswered: ADP connections to SQL Server 2000 seem to invoke different permissions

    Developing Access 2002 adp project to connect to SQL Server 2000.

    Adp project has main form always on top, maximized. List box on main form displays data records. Selecting data record from list box hides list box and unhides subform. This subform is a tab control displaying (and allowing edits of) record detail. Some detail has many-to-one relationship with main data table. This many-to-one data is displayed in subform objects on the tab control. These subform objects have as "source objects" Server views, with child fields linked to the master field on the tab control subform.

    Database permissions on Server 2000 are set such that all authenticated domain users have full access to all tables, views, proceedures, and functions in the database.

    Project is created as an ade. Authenticated users connect successfully to the database, see display of records in main list box, and successfully call up data detail in the tab control form. But the subform views fail with the message "The table or query name 'vwXXXX' you entered in the property sheet or macro is misspelled or refers to a table or query that doesn't exist."

    The names are spelled correctly - indeed they are selected from the pull-down list that Access limits you to. The views exist.

    Here's the kicker: when I log on to the client computers and use their local copies of 2002 runtime to run the ade, the error does not occur. This implies that it is a permissions error.

    Another fellow I work with has a full copy of Access. He gets the same error message - but he can then pull up the database window and run the views manually. So obviously the permissions in Server are not the issue.

    I understand that Access projects create multiple simultaneous connections. Is the error I am experiencing a result of Access somehow deciding not to use the same permissions on these separate connections? If so, how do I fix it?

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