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    Unanswered: delete w/ foreign key question

    Is there a way to see the locks associated with a delete statement on a table (tab1) that has 5 or 6 Foreign key relationships. Trying to understand the impact of the delete on concurrency There are several delete deadlocks on one of the foreign key tables (tab2) and the system does not delete from the table (tab2) that is throwing the delete deadlock error. Wondering about the impact of foreign keys on deletes on Tab1 on Tab2.

    Didn't see anything in query analyzer that would show the actual locks. It seems to have scans or such but no lock levels etc are shown.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of how to see the actual locks thrown by a given statement. The delete on Tab1 statement is very quick so using EM has proved fruitless.


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    Oh, such simple question but resolving blocking/deadlocking is really an art. You might want to start here.

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