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    visual dBASE Runtime error!!!

    hi there, im new on the forum and looking for help.
    i have a 3rd party software ultra gms that i use at the workshop for invoicing and so on. now ive had an old pc but finally got a high spec dell from the net. i install the program onto the new pc but when i go to run it.. it says visual dBASE Runtime error!!! needs to close.
    i deperately need to get this runnning as i have 1000s worth of invoicing i need to access, im desperate. please help. the people i got the software from just say " we are aware of this prob happening on some XP machines but dont know what do to"

    id appreciate anyone giving me any guidance

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    What IS the runtime error?
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    hi thanks for your interest in this problem.
    the error is VISUAL DBASE RUNTIME ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO CLOSE. thats the message i get. now i have installed the same prog on win98 and win2000. the manufacturer claims its xp compatible as well but some XPs have had that problem. he doesnt know the solution. i think its something with xp.. maybe needs a patch or someting like dat. im not great with computers so your help is appreciated

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