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    Unanswered: Hash functionality

    I have a password that I need to encrypt. After a little research it looks like a hash function could be a way to do this. Comparing the digest of the hashed stored password with the hash of the entered password to see if they match.

    I'm not sure if this is in the realm of possibility. I'm working with a .adp project, I didn't see any hash functionality within VBA or any stored procedures within SQL that I could call. Nor did there seem to be much on the web about it.

    Has anyone done this?

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    not native in access, sadly.....

    whats needed is an equivalent of PHP's MD5 function.

    having done a quick google this may be of interest. I've not looked at it in any detail but on the face of it it could do the trick. Depends if your network trolls will allow you to install the application on the client machines.

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