I am using version 12.0 of Txt Textcontrol textcontrol editor. From Insert menu I have inserted an OLE Object using InsertobjectASChar property. Now I have created a popup menu in ObjectRightClicked event. In that menu I have put the options cut,copy,paste,edit object, open. (same as microsoft word when a new object is inserted in word) But the problem is that cut,copy,paste of object is not working properly through the menu, but it is working fine through shortcut keys(ctrl+c,ctrl+v etc). How can I incorporate this problem? also I can't edit the object. by editing the object I mean I want the same thing to be happen in when I click edit edit which happens when I just double click the object. can this be done in textcontrol? Also I can’t do edit, open, convert operation of objects, I want to implement them as they are implemented in MICROSOFT WORD, I am using Vb 6.0