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    Question Unanswered: EndOfLastMonth Function

    I know this might sound straight forward, but i am very new to Visual Basic! I am creating a macro that will change a date in excel to the date of the last day of last month... what is that code for this? Bit embarrased at how simple it sounds lol

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    Try using DateSerial() function.. :

    DateSerial(year, month, day)

    '************************************************* ****
    For example:

    Dim LastDayOfLastMonth as Date

    LastDayOfLastMonth = DateSerial("2005", "10", 1 - 1)

    'This return the last day of las month, means 30 september 2005
    'The (1-1) return a date that is the day before the first day of october

    '************************************************* ****

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