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    Unanswered: Send multiples files individually

    In MS Access:

    Can MS Access send multiple files?

    file 1 => send to
    file 2 => send to
    file 3 => send to
    file 4 => send to
    file 5 => send to

    send them at the same time, but different address. Can they do that?
    I think that it cannot be done this way, right.
    I think that it only send a file at a time, right.
    Please let me know. Thanks.

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    can you send multiple emails to different people at the same time?, thought not, so how do you excpect Access or any other progrma to do it for you?

    However you can add multiple emails to an outgoing SMTP/POP server or client queue using the appropriate calls to the server or client (depenidng on your email setup). If you send them to a client (such as outlook or notes) then they will stay in that queue untill such time as it can hand off the email(s) to its designated SMTP/POP transport mechanism. If you are an ADSL or coprporate link that should be immediate, if you ae on a dial up it will wait in the queue untill the next time you connect.

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