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    Unanswered: Trigger palava

    I have a trigger on my table client of which any client under 16
    cannot not be added on an attempt to insert and 'test fail' would be logged into table test_result.
    when the opposite is done to table client i.e (client over 16) the values should be inserted and 'test pass' should be logged into table test_result.

    The probelem is 'test pass' is logged on and 'test fail' doesn't or at least it is not displayed, I know this because the comment_seq.nextval is used up.

    create or replace trigger age_restriction_comment
    Before insert on client
    For each row
    i_comment test_result.comments%type;
    ( add_months(:new.age,12*16) >= trunc(sysdate) )
    i_comment := 'test fail';
    i_comment := 'test pass';
    end if;
    insert into test_result (test_id, comments) values (comment_seq.nextval, i_comment);
    end age_restriction_comment;

    below is what my tbl test_result looks like.

    comment_seq.nextval i_comment
    1 test pass
    4 test pass
    6 test pass
    8 test pass

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    As you didn't provide table description(s) nor sample input data, it is up to us to guess what went wrong. Did you, perhaps, enter all persons that are 16 and older?

    I was too lazy to simulate your complete situation, but the simplified example below shows that trigger *should* work:
    SQL> CREATE TABLE CLIENT (age DATE, comments VARCHAR2(20));
    Table created.
    SQL> CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER age_restriction_comment
      2     BEFORE INSERT
      3     ON CLIENT
      4     FOR EACH ROW
      5  BEGIN
      6     IF ADD_MONTHS (:NEW.age, 12 * 16) >= TRUNC (SYSDATE)
      7     THEN
      8        :NEW.comments := 'test_fail';
      9     ELSE
     10        :NEW.comments := 'test_pass';
     11     END IF;
     12  END age_restriction_comment;
     13  /
    Trigger created.
    SQL> INSERT INTO CLIENT (age) VALUES ('05.12.97');
    1 row created.
    SQL> INSERT INTO CLIENT (age) VALUES ('30.09.68');
    1 row created.
    SQL> SELECT * FROM client;
    -------- --------------------
    05.12.97 test_fail
    30.09.68 test_pass
    Could you compare your solution with this one and see if it helps?

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