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    Unanswered: Simple Update sql

    I have 2 tables they are exactly the same, I want to set the Fillcontacts id = the contacts id. (this is the only data missing) The Invid will be the same in each table and the phone also.

    When i try my sql in access i am propted for Contacts.Idcont as if it were a paramater.

    UPDATE FillContacts SET FillContacts.idCont =Contacts.idcont
    WHERE (((FillContacts.InvId)=Contacts.invid) AND ((;

    btw why doesnt this work in acces when it would in sql serv?

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    You might try:
    UPDATE FillContacts INNER JOIN Contacts
    ON FillContacts.InvId = Contacts.invid
    AND =
    SET FillContacts.idCont = Contacts.idcont;

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