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    Angry Unanswered: sql server 2000 point in time rollback?

    hi. i am managing a sql server 2000 database. for some reason, a table got dropped from the database--why i don't know; i'll worry about that later. is there a way to "rollback" the database to a point in time...say like 5 minutes ago? I have taken the database offline for the moment so no more changes can take place. i have never done this before and i would really appreciate some advice/online tutorials/help on this matter. i do have a full backup of the database because of nightly backups. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    You cannot rollback the removal of the table.

    You could restore the backup to another database and extract the table via dml or dts into the existing database. This would be easiest for small databases, small tables, lookup tables, etc. If you have foreign key references, you will have to handle that with either nocheck processing, or drop and readd the foreign key constraints.

    If you also have transaction logs, you could restore the last full backup over ethe current database and use the transaction logs to bring you up to the time of the last tran log, or point-in-time if the last tran log overlaps the table loss time.

    Good luck

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