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    Unanswered: primary key constraints

    hi all i have a table like this

    id int8 NOT NULL,
    appid int8,
    userid int8,
    CONSTRAINT pkey PRIMARY KEY (id, appid , userid),

    what i want is the id field has to be unique, but i want a 1 to many relationship for the userid and appid

    eg appid can exist for many userids but userid can only have 1 appid

    can someone help me with the primary key, my pkey does't work, it still allows userid to have multiple appids

    many thanks
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    First off, I see promotionid in your primary key definition but not listed as a field in the table. Second, appid and user id do not have NOT NULL set. You are always going to run into trouble if you allow NULL values in a key. If id is unique, then perhaps using id alone for the primary key would be good. Finally, if you want a constraint that userid can have only one appid, then perhaps the easiest way to do this is with a BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE trigger.

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